Church Coronavirus

Great news, that from this Sunday services resume in church, although in a very different way and with a limited capacity.

The service will be a Holy Communion service at 10am, booking by Friday evening is essential. You can email us at or call us on 01302 770240.

We will continue to use Zoom, the service from church will be streamed, to allow those not in the church building to still join, worship together and enjoy time together as one church family.

What We Have Done
• We have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment
• We have cleaning, hand cleansing and hygiene procedures in place, in line with government guidance
• We have taken all reasonable steps to help everyone maintain a 2m distance between different users of our church

What We Expect You To Do
• Refrain from entering if you are feeling unwell or have experienced any COVID-19 symptoms in the past seven days
• Take responsibility for your own safety and that of your household and other people• Maintain the social distancing of 2m (6”6’), it is not optional• Observe and follow all hygiene measures
• Ensure children are supervised at all times

What Will Be Different
• Finningley Service time is 10.00am and Auckley 11.00am.
• Wardens/Stewards will ensure social distancing at the entrance
• On entering everyone must use the hand sanitiser
• A two-metre ‘rule’ applies for public worship. Your name may be on a chair, or you may be told where to sit
• Wearing of face-coverings is voluntary
• Service Sheets will be printed each week and placed on each allocated seat. They should be taken home afterwards.
• While those at extra risk and the ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ should be advised of the risks of attending public worship, a decision to do so is theirs alone.
• Doors will be kept open or ajar to facilitate ventilation.
• The vestry and kitchen are closed. Only clergy, service leaders, wardens, and treasurers should enter.
• The collection plate should not be brought up, and cashless payments encouraged above cash and envelopes. Gloves must be worn when handling cash and envelopes.
• Government guidance includes a request for names of attendees to be recorded and kept for 21 days. This is not mandatory, but will assist NHS Test and Trace with requests for that data if needed for contact tracing and the investigation of local outbreaks.
• Singing is not permitted, so there will be no hymns/songs.
• Unfortunately, in order to minimise risk, there can be no sharing of the Peace through physical contact, shaking hands and hugs.
• Holy Communion will be in one kind, only Neil will take the bread and wine.
• The words of distribution (‘The body and blood of Christ’ are spoken to the congregation, and all who intend to receive say, ‘Amen’ sat in their chairs.
• Please do not say ‘Amen’ at the communion rail. At the distribution, Holy Communion is administered in silence. The consecrated bread or wafer will need to be dropped into the hands of communicants.
• In order to avoid touching the rail, please do not kneel for communion.
• Please observe the arrows and markings in the choir area at Finningley.
• Those taking communion are asked to wait to go up, and to stand in the places markedon the floor with their arms outstretched.
• We are unable to have refreshments after the service, and we are asked to leave the building as soon as the service is over.
• The toilets will be kept open.
• At Finningley, we ask that you wait (socially distanced) near the sound desk if both toilets are in use – not in the tower. We will operate a one in one out policy.
• At Auckley we will use only the accessible (disabled) toilet. again, please wait socially distanced in the entrance hall, not outside the toilet doors.
• Please observe all signs and posters concerning safe hygiene.
Whilst that is a comprehensive list, it is to keep everyone as safe as possible.