Who We Are

We are the FAB parishes – made up of three villages: Finningley, Auckley and Blaxton, and two churches: Holy Trinity and St Oswald, in Finningley and St Saviour in Auckley.

We are friendly and welcoming to all and this is perhaps represented in the diversity of our congregations. Each church has a mix of ages from babies in their ‘noughties’ to the more mature in their nineties, and each has singles, couples and families.

We enjoy a mix of service styles, from the more traditional Holy Communion service, right through to those with a contemporary feel and Cafe Church.

We have a good sense of humour, as does our Rector Neil, and have joy in our faith and our fellowship.

Rector & Oversight Minister – Reverend Neil Redeyoff

Associate Priest – Reverend Carol Lee

Church Wardens – Paul Reeves and Mark Williamson
Lay Reader – Margaret Liddle
Centenary Project Family Worker – Hannah Robinson
Baptism Coordinator and Children’s Minister – Karen Robinson

Church Warden –